Anti-Stretch Marks Shea and Massage Shea Butter

The best seller for all skin types and ages

Our edelweiss extract enriched shea butter has protective and vasoconstricting properties. The rich butter keeps the skin elastic and supple even after full body massages for him and her. Suitable from baby to old age.



Arise Cosmetic is a family business based in Biel, Switzerland. We are specialists and research in the areas of anti-aging, beauty and for the well-being of women, children and men.

Our Edelweiss

Highest Swiss quality

Our Edelweiss is a Swiss Alpine flower with cosmetically tested, healthy and beneficial ingredients, (anti-aging, anti-oxidant, protective). All products are based on natural substances and most of our raw materials come from controlled organic farming.

Arise – Experience for over 40 years!

Arise Care SA, headquartered in Biel, has been active in the Swiss market for over 40 years and is known for its Swiss care products.

In order to preserve the natural balance of the skin, Arise relies on the power of nature: edelweiss extracts with their unsurpassed properties for the protection of your skin and 100% natural. All our collagen products contain over 90% collagen. Everything from our Swiss Alps. Made in Swizerland!

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