It all started many years ago in the Swiss Jura region, famous for its precision work and watch industry. Arise developed at that time the first pedicure-manicure device for home use. Still today, every single device is assembled by specialized personnel in handmade work. Only after many hours of work the finished product emerges. Various pedicure and manicure devices are offered, ideal for private and professional users.

Over time, Arise has steadily expanded and improved its range of health, beauty and wellbeing products.

At the end of the 1990s, Arise pioneered – and in collaboration with phytochemist Dr. Ivan Slacanin – the first Edelweiss cosmetics products were brought on the market, under the name “Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic”. What is so special about our Edelweiss? It is a Swiss Alpine flower with cosmetically tested, healthy and beneficial ingredients, (anti-aging, anti-oxidant, protective). All products are based on natural substances and most of our raw materials come from controlled organic farming.

Arise has always had a family-oriented corporate structure and a special family history, which has existed since 1937 and has always received the business and family values ​​since then: The baby cosmetics line e.g. was developed and marketed by the grandchildren of the Arise founder.

For Arise, the year 2019 will be particularly exciting: following the successful international beauty fairs Beauty Dusseldorf and Cosmoprof Bologna in March, a modern product relaunch is now under way.

From the beginning we have remained true to the Swiss quality and production with a focus on precision and nature!