The alpine plants, which are the basis of the Arise Care SA care line, grow in an untouched and unpolluted nature. The plants are cultivated with respect for nature and the desire for sustainable development. The products meet the highest demands of natural cosmetics. Precision and quality are part of our everyday life.

The edelweiss, which, as its name implies, means “noble” and “white”, unites rarity, purity, freshness and mildness. In addition to its mythical aura, the jewel of the Swiss Alps has natural powers. Dr. Ivan Slacanin was the first researcher to win and analyze molecules from the Edelweiss in 1996.

Thanks to his research, the cosmetics world can now use this extraordinary plant with its antioxidant effect, its power against free radicals and natural, protective properties. The inventor of Swiss Alpine Cosmetic at that time – and we in the future – relied on the numerous scientific researches of the Swiss alpine plants. Dr. Slacanins.

Das Edelweiss

The heart of the Arise Cosmetic, the “Swiss Alpine Complex”, is a combination of three exclusive alpine plants, which have antioxidant properties to combat free radicals and also have a regenerating and moisturizing effect.

Edelweiss, mythical plant of the high alpine areas and the most important active ingredient of the series, is the best protection of collagen type III, making it a fabulous ally in the fight against the aging of the skin. The natural antioxidant promotes the regeneration of tissue, blocks the free radicals and strengthens the capillaries.

In addition to this is the product Nectapure. It contains summer lilac and thyme and protects against free radicals and “city stress”. Thanks to its soothing and calming properties, the mallow is ideal for pampering the sensitive skin.